Live like a local for a day

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If you really want to know the important staff about a country, you need to spend some time with the locals, and to see things through their eyes. I was very lucky because I meet a wonderful family, that showed me how to live like a true Thai. I must say, I had a blast. They were extremely sweet and they welcomed me in their home with open arms and they show me the best this city has to offer.

Religion is very important here, so we begin our trip with the visit at a temple. Wat Pho is the largest and oldest temple in the city of Bangkok, home of the huge Buddha, 15 meters high and 46 meters long, entirely covered in gold. This is where I found my piece. I can’t describe in words what a serenity I found there.

The next stop was Grand Palace. Between polychrome architecture and bizarre golden demons, the Grand Palace of Bangkok is the ancient home of the royal family. In the Wat Phra Kaew, among the faithful in prayer, you can admire the venerated jade statuette of the Emerald Buddha. Outside the building, do not miss the fantastic market of amulets. I couldn’t help myself and I bought souvenirs for all my friends and family!

I also spend a lot of money in the Bangkok’s Chinatown, were is an overdose of markets, loaded with lucky charm and indecipherable spices, street food and restaurants serving shark fins and swallow nests.

The floating market of Damnoen Saduak, which has now become a must for every self-respecting tourist is an unique mix of “modern” market – the classic buying corner to which we are accustomed – and a real “bargaining” corner. This was real journey through time.

To experience Bangkok, you have to try the kitchen. You will have no trouble finding the street vendors that are located everywhere and where you can order everything; grilled meats, fish, soups and fresh fruit. This is an experience not to be missed in Thailand!

You also should go to Jim Thompson’s house. He was an American spy and a silk merchant in Thailand during the ’50s and’ 60s mysteriously vanished in 1967 while in Malaysia. But before this strange end he built his house in the true traditional Thai style in the center of the city, decorating it with teak wood and surrounding it with a garden. His house was donated to the city and it is open to the public.The tours are strictly in English and tell a lot of stories about Jim’s life.

We finished the tour at the famous Moon Bar Vertigo. The name is not random because the bar is on the 63rd floor and the view over Bangkok is absolutely breathtaking. This bar is quite expensive compare to the other sky bars, but for me it was worth every penny.

This was my one-day adventure with my Thai family. I am very grateful that they spend time with me helping me to discover this vibrant city. I tell you, Bangkok is not to be missed!


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