The most popular festivals in Bangkok

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As I was expecting, Bangkok is a very vibrant city and you have a lot of thing to experience. If you plan to visit the city, I suggest to plan your trip so you can take part at at list one of the festivals organized here. I will tell you a little bit about them.

SONGKRAN FESTIVAL (April 13-14) – Dedicated to the beginning of the new astrological year, this is the most popular of all Thai festivals, as well as the largest water battle in the world. Each year it attracts and involves millions of tourists. The ‘blessing’ for the New Year was born in reality as a Buddhist religious tradition. The ceremony includes house cleaning and visits to Wat to pray, offer food to the monks and wash the Buddha’s images with water and perfumes. In many cities, such as Bangkok and Chiang Maiare also organized parades of colorful floats.

KHAO PHANSA (July) – Tradition has it that when Buddha set out to spread his teachings, the ascetics retired to prayer throughout the rainy season. A Lent known as ” Vassa ”, celebrated every year on the first day after the full moon of the eighth lunar month (in 2016, 20 July). Among the events not to be missed are the castles and wax candles parades at the International Wax Candle Festival in Thung Si Mueang and at the Nakhon Phanom Candle Festival in Nakon Phanom. But also the procession of the hundred elephants accompanied by the monks Surin to the Monument of Phaya Surin Phak by Sri Narong Changwang; and the Tak Bat Dok Mai and Royal Candle Festival in Saraburi, where the Buddhists give the Dok Khao Phansa – traditional flower with yellow and white buds – to the monks who ascend to the temple.

Don’t forget that Bangkok is a fun city and… what goes on in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok. I recomand you to discover all it’s wonder with the help of a local. Here you can find many beautiful escorts  that will offer you the most amazing time of your life.

LOY KRATHONG (November) – Thailand lights up with this ancient festival of Hindu origin: the word loy means float, while the krathong is a small raft or basket of banana leaves, on which to place a candle, incense and flowers. Who puts it in water often adds a small lock of hair, some coins and expresses a desire to chase away bad luck and encourage a new beginning.

SHOW OF REAL BOATS – From Khet Dusit to Wat Arun, to celebrate the return of the monks to the temples at the end of the rainy season. It is a unique parade in the world along the river in Bangkok that of 52 historic boats and more than 2 thousand rowers, with the Royal Barge Suphannahong (the Golden Swan built in 1911 and the King’s personal boat) and Royal Barge at the head Anantanakkharat, all adorned with glass jewels and dedicated to the King of Serpents.

SIAM NIRAMIT – Fan dance, Likay theater, Khon with masks, Nang Yai shadows or the traditional Lakon jatri. Each tour offers tourists a little taste of the millennial Thai stage arts, but if you are in Bangkok is worth an evening the Siam Niramit, a show that collects all of them from more than 150 performers and 500 costumes. ”A day in the enchantment of the Kingdom of Thailand”, entered the Guinness World Records.

This are my top 5 festivals.



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